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LIFT Peer & Mentorship Program
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LIFT as You Rise! 


Program Overview, Goals & Requirements

LIFT is a member-only mentorship and peer partner program. Participants of LIFT may register at either of the three levels – Peer, Mentor or Protégé. The goal of EWF LIFT is to provide our members with a platform to share their personal and professional experiences, advice and support. The program is designed to meet the needs of our members who may be newer in their career path as well those with who are more mature.


LIFT is a program that inspires our members to find encouragement and support; to pursue their interests; to define and achieve their career goals; and to help steer them through the challenges of work/life balance. In addition, members will continue to build a trusted professional network. 


LIFT is a member-only program, requires participation at least one national conference, and requires a six month commitment.


Time Commitment & Open Season 

Time commitment may vary according to the type of relationship that is desired and the level of similarity in interests and career goals. It is expected that participants will meet at least once per month, or at least twice each quarter. This would translate to approximately 1-3 hours per month communicating by phone and/or email.


Every six months, an open season will be announced to allow participants the opportunity to be matched with a new Mentor, Protégé, or Peer Partner. Each program participant may opt to continue their existing relationship and to bypass the open season, as well as opt to drop out of the program if needed. There are no penalties for dropping out of LIFT.


Registration for the current season is closed.


What We Expect

  • Mentors and Protégés are expected to communicate regularly to discuss career strategies, specific issues, training needs, or networking advice. 
  • Peers are expected to communicate regularly to share goals and to encourage each other with professional or personal matters.
  • Mentors and Peers are not expected to provide interviews or job opportunities, and such requests are discouraged.

This sounds great so do we get paired?


The Matching Process


Step 1 – All applicants must submit their registration through the official LIFT form. Any applicant may request a specific individual to serve as a Mentor, Protégé, or Peer Partner – there is however no guarantee that your specific request has also opted to participate in the program. The LIFT Committee will honor these requests to the extent possible. Finally, the LIFT Committee will use the information provided on the registration forms to make the best possible matches for the remaining applicants. 


Step 2 - An EWF CONNECT email will be sent to each individual providing the employer name and possibly the personal statement for the potential match to provide an opportunity to identify any conflicts due to corporate affiliations. If a conflict is identified, the LIFT Committee will make every effort to identify a more suitable match. Names will not be disclosed until a final match is selected.


Step 3 - The LIFT Committee will make all final selections and send an EWF CONNECT email to each Mentor, Protégé, and Peer Partner disclosing the name and contact information of the final match. Mentors, Protégés, and Peer Partners must respond to the notification and acknowledge receipt of the information and an understanding that initial contact should be completed by the target deadline.

Matching Changes / Open Season

The LIFT Committee recognizes that matches between Mentors and Protégés and between Peer Partners may not be the perfect fit for a variety of reasons. LIFT will include an open season every six months to allow Mentors, Protégés, and Peer Partners the opportunity to re-enter the pool of participants for a new match. Each Mentor/Protégé and Peer pair also can opt to continue their existing relationship and to bypass the open season. Both individuals must agree to continue the relationship. Otherwise, both individuals will need to choose whether to re-enter the pool for matching or take a break from the program.

Program Feedback
All participants will be asked to provide regular feedback about the LIFT program. Feedback will be requested and provided online and will be used to continually improve the LIFT program. All feedback will be considered confidential, but may be summarized and discussed or presented to the participants to help improve the program. Participants are also encouraged to send feedback outside of the regular request times by sending an email to the LIFT Committee.