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CSSC - Take the Challenge
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Get ready. Get set. Go!
Our Mission
The core mission of the Executive Women's Forum is to create a trusted community of members who are encouraged to build strong networks and lasting relationships. Our members have access to empowering resources and are inspired by each other to achieve their professional goals and personal dreams.

About the Challenge
The Cyber Security School Challenge (CSSC) is a collaborative outreach program founded by the EWF and in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, (ISC)2 and the National Cyber Security Alliance to help educate our youth on the topics of online security, privacy, and safety. The EWF, through its CSSC outreach program, is harnessing the collective passions and unified actions of its members and their peers to educate students in a way that may positively influence their future.

Who Should Accept the Challenge?
We are offering the challenge to all professionals (men and women) in the Information Security, Privacy, and Risk Management communities to register at this site, follow the Three Steps and then report back to us the students you've taught. We challenge you to not only contribute your time but think of ways that you can create a corporate team that will boost your chances of becoming the CSSC Winner.
The Three Steps
  1. Review the information, games, and programs provided by our partners and choose the lesson plans that best suit your needs.
  2. Go to the schools of your choice and teach the lessons.
  3. Download the official submission tracking sheet and report your progress back to us by September 18, 2020.
  4. Submit your totals: https://www.ewf-usa.com/page/CSSCRegProgress

2019-2020 Challenge Timeline & Awards Presentation
We will be tracking the number of students each executive or their team reaches out to from now through September 18, 2020. The executive or team that reaches out to the most students by September 2020 will be honored with an award, announcements, and postings on the EWF website and with an awards ceremony at the EWF Conference in October 2020.

Cyber Security School Challenge Company Winners 






CSSC | Stay tuned for the 2020 dates and details

For those of you interested in participating, register HERE.

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