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CSSC - Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do I need to be a registered member of the EWF to participate?
No, participants of the Cyber Security School Challenge are not required to be registered members of the Executive Women's Forum.
2. Can men participate too?
Absolutely - the Cyber Security School Challenge is open to both men and women interested in participating.

3. How do I choose a school?
You may choose to present at any school (K-12) that you wish. Make sure you are clear about the age  group you will be speaking to and select the presentation materials accordingly.

To begin, we suggest you select a school you have an existing connection with, such as one in your immediate area or one whose personnel are in your personal or professional network. It is not unusual for participants to receive invitations from schools once they know you are available to present—as there is a great need for speakers on the topic of cyber security.
4. How much preparation time do I need?
Primarily, the school audience will want you to share your love and knowledge on this topic. But, because you are probably not accustomed to visiting with school students, you will want to take some time to prepare.
  • A month before the workshop, confirm the date and time with the school. Identify a point-of-contact at the school whom you can call with questions. Inquire about the printing resources, audio/visual equipment, Internet access and any computers that will be available to you. 

  • A couple weeks before the workshop, take some time to look over the available presentation materials. Select a lesson plan that interests you. If you need the school to make print-outs for you or have certain audio/visual equipment on hand, make sure you communicate these needs to your point-of-contact.

  • A week before the workshop, review the lesson plan you selected, and make sure you have all the information and materials you want for your presentation. Think through your presentation and organize it according to the time slot the school has scheduled for you. Remember to plan enough time for the students to ask questions and share their own experiences.

  • A couple days before the workshop, highlight the parts of the materials that are most interesting to you. Even if you run out of time to present everything you planned, at least you will cover the points that are most important to you.  

  • The day of the workshop, arrive early. You want to give yourself time to find your way around and set up any presentation material you have. Relax and enjoy yourself! You are sharing your passion with the students and giving them information that will keep them safe. 

  • Following the workshop, thank the school for hosting your presentation. Leave your business card with your point-of-contact in case they have any follow-up information to share with you. Later on, log on and record your progress with the EWF Cyber Security School Challenge!