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EWF Rising Leaders Forum
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The Rising Leaders Forum mission is to engage, develop and advance the EWF Millennial members. 

We are committed to our Millennial’s growth and to preparing our next generation of leaders. Through the Rising Leaders Forum we will offer a variety of initiatives to foster a deeper community experience, provide development opportunities and foster advocacy in Information Security, Risk Management and Privacy. This will be a place to:

Inspire one another
Build Authentic Relationships
Expand your Network
Elevate your influence and reach
Forge Alliances
Co create initiatives
Participate in Action Teams (See below.)
Serve as a Rising Leaders Advocate (Advocates take action to bring initiatives to fruition)
Contribute to a higher purpose

Rising Leaders Forum Action Teams: All teams are powered by and for millennial's.  Email rlfactionteams@ewf-usa.com to join an Action Team or find out more about the Rising Leaders Forum.

Here are our current Action Teams:

Meet Ups: Create geographic meeting opportunities for our millennial community.

Rising Leaders Forum Virtual Conversations: Participate in creating content and agendas for this quarterly webex enabled series.

Speaker Series: Identify and create speaking opportunities for our millennials within the EWF and at various conferences.

Communications: Create forums and connection vehicles for our Rising Leader Forum members to keep dialogue and information flowing.

Conference: Design our EWF National Conference experiences and session for our millennials.

Podcast Series: Develop a podcast series.

Advocacy: Design opportunities to advocate on behalf of millennials women in this space.

Rising Leader Experience: Co Create the six month leadership development program the EWF will be launching for our millennials this year.

The EWF is pleased to offer one to one coaching for our Rising Leaders.  We offer 3 package options: a four month, six month and nine month option.  

The possible coaching topics include but are not limited to:

  • Authentic Leadership and Building Presence
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Strategic Thinking and Innovation
  • Managing Stakeholders and other Senior Leaders
  • Removing Barriers to Success
  • Career Management
  • Building Confidence
  • Elevating your Personal Brand
  • Goal Attainment
  • Managing Competing Priorities

Kelly Arnholt, Audit & Compliance Manager at Oracle, Karolyn Maloney, Sr. Director, IT Hygiene & Identity & Access Management at Aetna, and Ariel Saldin Weintraub, Head of Security Operations & Engineering at MassMutual are serving as advisors overseeing the Rising Leaders Forum.  Linda Dolceamore, EWF Director of Leadership Development serves as the EWF leader for Rising Leaders Forum.

"The Rising Leaders Forum offers multiple initiatives to connect, engage, advance and develop our next generation of leaders. "

-Linda Dolceamore, Director of Leadership Development, Executive Women's Forum

Join the EWF Rising Leaders Forum    Group:

NextExec Podcast

A forum to discuss diverse and current topics within the context of information security, risk management, privacy, and women in IT. Some of the topics we will explore include Cyber Crimes, Work Life Balance, Communicating with Impact, Book Reviews, etc. It is sponsored by the  Rising Leaders Forum, a task force of the Executive Women's Forum (EWF). The views expressed during this podcast do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the EWF.


Listen to the NextExec Podcast HERE

Edition 1

Edition 2

Learn more about the Rising Leaders Forum by watching this video:

View a past recording of Virtual Conversations:

The Rising Leaders Forum Virtual Conversations is a quarterly web series created by and for millennial women.The conversation is meant to be casual and interactive, so come prepared to share your insights and experiences! Webcams are encouraged. Registration is open to all millennials and advocates internal and external to the EWF community.


Thursday, December 5, 2019:  Getting to the Next Level – Tips on Self-Advocating

Join us for this quarter’s topic, Getting to the Next Level – Tips on Self-Advocating. We’ll sit down for a virtual conversation with 3 panelists to discuss their path to leadership, methods for overcoming career obstacles and tips for effective self-advocacy in the workplace.  This conversation is meant to be casual and interactive, so come prepared to share your insights and experiences! 


August 6, 2019 : Debunking Millennial Stereotypes

This quarter’s topic, Debunking Millennial Stereotypes, where we will discuss common themes associated with millennials in the workplace. Guest speakers, Alicia Villalpando, Data Privacy Analyst and Valerie Mazor, Director of Information Security at Sony Pictures Entertainment, will have a conversation  to understand different perspectives between their generations and ways to connect and bridge

September 20, 2018 featuring Stephanie Domas, Vice President of R&D, MedSec