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What Our Members Are Saying...
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The Executive Women's Forum is a great event to get the perspective of different companies and how they are managing security and privacy.
Angie Wilson, Security Program Manager, Microsoft

 Phenomenal event and an absolutely amazing group of women participating. Frankly, I was reluctant to go, but I learned so much, met so many great people, and felt it was such a great experience. It was an unexpected and very pleasant surprise, and I strongly recommend EWF to professional women I meet now.                                                       
Jennifer Minella, VP of Engineering, Carolina Advanced Digital 

I have formed some of the strongest client relationships of my career at the EWF. People buy from people, not companies. This event allows me to get very close to customers and prospects, understand their requirements and form a selling relationship based on trust and friendship. There is no other conference in our industry that provides this level of one-on-one time with clients.   
- Tara Darbyshire, EVP, Archer Technologies 
EWF has been and remains the key conference I attend each year to support my development and networking objectives. As a professional woman, this is a not to be missed event. 
- Kim HargravesDirector Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft
I only have a budget for one conference per year. The EWF is the one I choose because of the actionable, valuable content and the level of networking and embracing the authenticity or women. 
- Suzan NascimentoCorporate Information Security Manager, Experian
I've been to lots of different types of events but this one will forever be in my memory. The content was excellent, the speakers unbelievably inspiring and the friendships and camaraderie will be part of my life for a long time to come. 
- Patricia Titus, 
CISO Federal System, Unisys
If you are a woman leader working in IT Security, Privacy or Risk Management, you don't want to miss this event - it will transform you! 
- Victoria Lemieux, 
Director, Centre for the Investigation of Financial Electronic Records

To be surrounded by such elite women and to be speaking with them was awesome.  The enormous support that all the women give throughout our time together [at the conference] is humbling and is something I’ve never experienced to that extent.  I was physically shaking with excitement and positive energy.  The quality of the topics was perfect for my professional career at this point in time.  I was impressed with the engagement of the women and how they wanted to continue discussions with great follow up questions.  The advice from the women I spoke to helped me to expand my own thinking.  Just hearing their stories, whether personal or professional was fun and interesting.  The number of women to connect with and all their stories and experiences, there’s just not enough time to soak it all in.  It was quite intense in a positive way.  I left feeling like I had met my true colleagues and made friends in the industry. 

- Kelly Arnholt, Senior Security Analyst, Cloud Operations, Oracle 
I left inspired, energized and motivated! The EWF is unique in that each member you meet has a wealth of knowledge and is willing to share! The conference content is designed to sharpen your management experience and the networking events are actually enjoyable. Don't tell anyone, but there is some dancing involved. 
- Terri Latendresse, 
Information Security Engineer, eBay
This was my first time attending EWF, though I've attended countless other security and privacy conferences. EWF outranks them all. 
- EWF Attendee 2011, 
Sr. Director of Global Privacy and Information Security
Great forum, great opportunity to network with IT Security Experts from many domains. 
- Zeineb Latif, 
IT Information Risk Manager, JPMChase
A safe haven for the exchange of information, ideas, and solutions to security challenges. 
- Lila Kee, 
Chief Product Officer, GMO GlobalSign Inc.
There are two kinds of people at EWF - those who are your friends and those who aren't...yet. The EWF is one of the best networking events I have ever attended. It is a rare opportunity to exchange ideas with peers, to interact with very senior executives on a professional and personal basis, and to encourage those who are somewhat newer in their career path. Several of the people I met through EWF in 2010 are now my closest friends. I already can say the same about women I met in 2011 as well. The EWF has given me the opportunity to dream crazy dreams, to put them into action, and to have loads of women come alongside and participate in making them happen. My interaction on one of the committees was one of my most challenging exercises in trying to keep up with the creativity and the abilities of my fellow committee members (they are awesome!). The one-name wonders and rock stars of EWF have left such an impression on me that I will never be the same. 
- EWF Alumni 2011