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NextExec Podcast
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NextExec podcast is a forum to discuss diverse and current topics within the context of information security, risk management, privacy, and women in IT. Some of the topics we will explore include Cyber Crimes, Work Life Balance, Communicating with Impact, Book Reviews, etc. It is sponsored by the Rising Leaders Forum, a task force of the Executive Women's Forum (EWF). The views expressed during this podcast do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the EWF.  




Episode 5 - Wise Women -  A Chat with Michelle Pittsenbarger

In this episode, our host Jillian sits down with Michelle Pittsenbarger to chat about her experiences in her career, what has brought her to where she is today, and important tips for ladies coming up through the ranks.

Guest: Michelle PittsenbargerDirector of Continuity and Crisis Management
HostJillian Bendt, Specialist, IT Application Development

Episode 4Wise Women: A Chat with Julie Hamilton

This episode kicks of our mini-series called Wise Women where we will sit down with influential women in Tech, Privacy, and Risk to talk about their biggest successes, failures, words of wisdom, and everything in between.  The episodes will air sporadically throughout the season.

In this episode host Ashley McArthur sits down for a chat with Julie Hamilton about her experiences in upper management, routines that make her more centered and productive, and bits of wisdom that have helped her along her career journey.

Guest: Julie Hamilton, Managing Director, Healthcare Provider Regulatory and Operational Risk - Deloitte Advisory 
Host: Ashley McArthur, Senior Consultant, Deloitte Advisory

Episode 3 - Keeping it Real about Artificial Intelligence

In this episode, our guest Preeti breaks down Artificial Intelligence by exploring where it started and where it is going.

Guest Speaker: Preeti Ravindra is an applied researcher at IBM passionate about formulating and developing practical applications incorporating cutting-edge technology to enhance security products and solutions in a constantly evolving threat landscape. She innovates in the cognitive security space through rapid prototyping. 

Preeti started her career as a software developer in security with Cisco Systems. Her interest in security led her to pursue a Masters in Information Networking with a cybersecurity concentration from Carnegie Mellon University. After graduating, she transitioned to an applied research role at IBM where she is currently the tech lead for Watson for Cybersecurity in providing technical expertise to artificial intelligence projects for security. 

During her spare time, she gives back to the community by creating awareness about the latest technology across universities and to the general public through her speaking engagements. She also champions women in cybersecurity initiatives both within IBM and outside of IBM.

Host: Kristen Wilbur, Senior Manager at Schellman & Company LLC

Episode 2 - Cannabis Tech - Its High Time We Focus on Privacy and Security

In this episode, we take a look at some of the often overlooked concerns with the cannabis industry - the privacy and security of data. Many people don't realize the amount of data that is gleaned in the Cannabis industry, including extensive employee files (periodic background checks, names, addresses, ssn, etc.), consumer data (license numbers, name, addresses, medical information, etc.), and proprietary corporate information (growing strategies, financials, partners, seed to sale data, etc.). So lets start paying more attention to Cannabis Tech!

Guest Speakers: Marina is a Privacy Associate at Aleada Consulting, where she advises clients on privacy and data protection issues. Prior to joining Aleada, Marina worked as a cannabis attorney where she developed innovative solutions for clients in the emerging commercial cannabis industry.

Lauren is a Principal at Schellman & Company LLC. At Schellman, Lauren specializes in IT compliance and attestations with more than 15 years of audit and compliance experience. Through the various audits performed, Lauren has evaluated risks and controls for a number of industries including financial services, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and service-based organizations, and now- Cannabis Tech!

Host: Kristen, Senior Manager at Schellman & Company LLC

Episode 1 - Uber Data Breach

In this NextExec episode, Jillian and Brooke explore the Uber Data Breach. A special thanks to Matt Hickman for the music played during the special guest interview.

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