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Our Story
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Our story began in 2002.   

As the CEO of Alta Associates, the leading recruiting firm specializing in Information Security and IT Risk, Joyce Brocaglia realized that although there were more and more women achieving positions of influence in our industry, there were no organized opportunities for them to gather and share ideas. In response to this need, she organized the first ever Executive Women’s Forum National Conference in 2003 to provide a safe venue that women could gather, learn from each other and build trusted relationships.


Today the EWF is the largest member organization serving emerging leaders as well as the most prominent and influential female executives in our field. The EWF has become a home base for women to grow their professional skills and build important networks. Most importantly the EWF is committed to a holistic approach of enabling women to achieve their professional goals, preparing them to become more resilient, authentic leaders and nurturing them to fulfill their personal dreams.

Look at what we have accomplished together! The EWF is a force multiplier enabling women to achieve great things by working together.

The Lift Peer and Mentoring Program, and the Cheer networking dinners are  initiatives created from individual members who saw a need and rose to the challenge.


EWF Corporate Benefactors and Champions host Regional meetings at their company headquarters throughout the United States.


EWF Executive Ambassadors share their wisdom in our “View from the Top” webinar series on EWF CONNECT.


EWF Meet & Greets provide networking opportunities at major industry events.


Frank discussions with a number of women revealed that they were struggling with the roles they played, the demands on their time and their conflicting priorities. So we developed the EWF Leadership Journey, a yearlong virtual comprehensive leadership curriculum where small groups of women are guided by an executive coach through an inside out approach to leadership during monthly 90 minute lessons.


Women members in their desire to engage their companies and invite their peers to participate in the EWF continue to grow our number of Corporate Benefactors and Sponsors each year.


In 2006 The Executive Women's Forum partnered with the Information Networking Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and has been providing scholarships for a complete Masters of Science degree each year since 2007.


The Cyber Security School Challenge has educated over 100,000 kids on how to stay safe online. ,


In 2012, in recognition of the 10th anniversary of the Executive Women's Forum the Joyce Brocaglia Fellowship was created and today it is an endowed fund that will provide scholarships in perpetuity.


In 2013 we launched EWF CONNECT online subscription formalizing our membership community and enabling us to expand our access, programs and network globally.


In 2015 we created the Voice Privacy initiative to provide industry with usable security and privacy guidance for voice enabled technology. 


In 2016 we partnered with (ISC)2 to co-author a study on Women in Security.

As you can see it really does take a village!

All of our programs are made possible through the dedication and support of our members, corporate benefactors and sponsors. It is their belief in the EWF, their dedication, tenacity and generous support that have enabled the EWF to have such great impact on our members and our industry

Together with each passing year we build a  legacy that we continue to build on with each passing year with the addition of new members who are tasked with taking actions that make a difference in the continuing development of our story line.Our members and sponsors are actively involved in achieving the EWF’s mission.


Our greater purpose!

This EWF conference and our many events provide unique opportunities for members to gather together and the community at large is an incubator of great ideas and relationships, but the Executive Women’s Forum serves a greater purpose. We are a force multiplier when we act together. We have the power to influence real change for women in our industry, to give opportunities and scholarships to future women leaders, to change the composition of boardrooms, to influence government policies, to educated kids on how to be safe online and protect their identities and to change the landscape of what is possible for us to achieve.

Join the EWF as a member, a Corporate Benefactor or a sponsor and be a part of a community of women who reach out and lift each other up, who are willing to do what it takes to make a positive contribution to their families, their companies, their communities and their industry as a whole. Women who understand the importance of an integrated life and their ability to be fulfilled in every possible way. Join us in making the legacy of the EWF part of your own personal legacy.

Joyce Brocaglia
CEO, Alta Associates
Founder, the Executive Women's Forum