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EWF Regional Half-Day Meetings
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EWF Regional Half-Day Meetings are focused community meetings hosted by Corporate Benefactors that include an agenda of speakers, panelists and networking opportunities for both EWF members and nonmembers to engage. 


Hear the benefits of hosting an EWF Regional Meeting:


Why Corporate Benefactors host Regional Half Day Meetings: 
• Regional visibility for their company and brand. Highlight men and women executives in their company who are demonstrating commitment to advancing and developing women leaders
• Networking opportunity with colleagues and external people in the region
• Ability to set agenda and invite a wide range of speakers
• Opportunity to promote people in their company as visionaries and industry experts
• Connect with peers, partners, key customers and potential clients
• Opportunity to highlight their company’s accomplishments and best practices
• Leverage event as a training and awareness opportunity
• Attendees can receive 3 CPE credits towards various certifications


Who can attend? 

EWF members and non-members are welcome to attend this half-day event. Ideal for those who hold senior level risk and compliance positions in Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and higher education institutions. This is a great opportunity for EWF newbies to meet and interact with EWF alumni. 

Agenda At-a-Glance
Half day meetings consists of a guest keynote, panels and open networking.


Where can I host a Regional Meeting?

Atlanta, New York City, Portland, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, San Antonio, Kenilworth- NJ, Chicago, Phoenix, Charlotte, Indianapolis, McLean, Glen Allen, Columbus, Houston, Hartford, Mountain View, Pittsburgh, and Boston. Please note that Regional Meetings are not limited to just these cities. If you are interested in hosting a Regional Meeting in your city please contact us at info@ewf-usa.com.

Don't forget to check out our events calendar for upcoming Regional Meetings and other EWF events



2019 EWF Half-Day Regional Meetings

February 21 - Atlanta, GA Hosted by PwC - View the agenda

February 27 - Reston, VA Hosted by McAfee - View the agenda

April 18 - Portland, OR Hosted by Nike and McAfee - View the agenda

June 6 - Kenilworth, NJ Hosted by Merck - View the agenda


2018 EWF Half-Day Regional Meetings

January 22 - New York, NY Hosted by JPMorgan Chase - View the agenda

March 7 - Phoenix, AZ Hosted by Wells Fargo - View the agenda

April 12 - Chicago, IL Hosted by Schellman & Co - View the agenda

May 11 - Kenilworth, NJ Hosted by Merck - View the agenda

July 26 - Boston, MA Hosted by State Street - View the agenda

August 9 - San Antonio, TX Hosted by USAA - View the agenda

August 14 - Minneapolis, MN Hosted by Target, 3M, U.S. Bank & Thomson Reuters - View the agenda

September 26 - Milwaukee, WI Hosted by Northwestern Mutual- View the agenda

December 13 - New York, NY Hosted by EY - View the Agenda


2017 EWF Half-Day Regional Meetings

July 14 - San Antonio, TX Hosted by USAA - View the agenda

September 5 - McLean, VA Hosted by Freddie Mac - View the agenda

September 28 - Minneapolis, MN Hosted by Target and 3M - View the agenda

October 3 - Indianapolis, IN hosted by Eli Lilly and Company - View the agenda

December 5 - Charlotte, NC hosted by Bank of America - View the agenda


2016 EWF Half-Day Regional Meetings

March 21 - New York, NY Hosted by New York Life - View the agenda

June 14 -  Hartford, CT Hosted by Aetna - View the agenda

June 16 - Houston, TX Hosted by AIG - View the agenda

June 17 - Columbus, OH Hosted by Nationwide - View the agenda

June 23 - Glen Allen, VA Hosted by GE - View the agenda

July 21 - Charlotte, NC Hosted by Bank of America - View the agenda

August 22 - Charlotte, NC Hosted by Wells Fargo - View the agenda

September 7 - New York, NY Hosted by Bloomberg - View the agenda

September 26 - Minneapolis, MN Hosted by Target - View the agenda


Please sure to check back for updates and additional meetings!