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Virtual Conversations
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The Rising Leaders Forum Virtual Conversations 

is a quarterly web series created by and for millennial women. The conversation is meant to be casual and interactive, so come prepared to share your insights and experiences! Webcams are encouraged. Registration is open to all millennials and advocates internal and external to the EWF community.


July 28th, 2020: Weaving Wellness and and Mindfulness Tips with Work

Join us for this quarter’s Virtual Conversation, "Weaving Wellness and Mindfulness Tips with Work. " We’ll sit down with 2 panelists who will share their experiences with mindfulness and wellness while having to adapt to a ‘new norm’ during these unique times.  We’ll discuss challenges for maintaining a healthy and happy mindset, as well as potential opportunities and tips for increasing our awareness.  From the personal ways we choose to embrace wellness and mindfulness, to company-sponsored programs and initiatives, we hope this talk will be positive and insightful.  This conversation is meant to be casual and interactive.  Please come prepared to learn and share your insights and experiences!



March 5th 2020: Getting to the Next Level- Mentorship

For this quarter’s presentation, we’ll expand on the notion of ‘getting to the next level’ by considering one of the best tools for career growth: Mentorship! We’ll be speaking with two women with extensive mentoring experience - both as the mentor and the mentee - who will share how mentorship has helped them with their careers, tips for cultivating positive and lasting mentoring relationships and any lessons learned along the way.  As with every Virtual Conversation, this is meant to be casual and interactive, so please come prepared to share your insights and experiences! 


Thursday, December 5, 2019:  Getting to the Next Level – Tips on Self-Advocating

Join us for this quarter’s topic, Getting to the Next Level – Tips on Self-Advocating. We’ll sit down for a virtual conversation with 3 panelists to discuss their path to leadership, methods for overcoming career obstacles and tips for effective self-advocacy in the workplace.  This conversation is meant to be casual and interactive, so come prepared to share your insights and experiences! 






August 6, 2019 : Debunking Millennial Stereotypes

This quarter’s topic, Debunking Millennial Stereotypes, where we will discuss common themes associated with millennials in the workplace. Guest speakers, Alicia Villalpando, Data Privacy Analyst and Valerie Mazor, Director of Information Security at Sony Pictures Entertainment, will have a conversation  to understand different perspectives between their generations and ways to connect and bridge


September 20, 2018 featuring Stephanie Domas, Vice President of R&D, MedSec

Join us for our very first Virtual Conversation with speakers, Ariel Saldin Weintraub, Director, Data & Access Security, TIAA, Karoyln Maloney, Sr. Director, IT Hygiene, & Identity & Access Management, Aetna, Kelly Arnholt Audit and Compliance Manager, Oracle and Linda Dolceamore, EWF Director of Leadership Development in which we will be discussing the history of the RLF, it's benefits to it's members as well as any action teams. Then we will hear from Stephanie Domas, Vice President of R&D MedSec, on her path to her career and how she keeps challenging herself.